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Introducing SAFEbaby

SAFEbaby looks at your baby’s DNA, to provide information on your baby’s chance of developing certain physical traits and conditions. You’ll learn whether your baby is at risk for food sensitivities such as lactose or gluten intolerance, whether your baby has a higher chance of ear infection and peanut allergy, and even whether your baby has a delicate palate and is likely to spit out those green vegetables.

Actionable information to support the health of your growing family.

See what your baby’s DNA has to say with SAFEbaby.

leaf iconDNA Insights

DNA can influence what we look like and how our bodies function. You’ll receive your baby’s DNA results for eleven physical traits and wellness conditions.

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You’ll be able to view results in your secure online portal. The results will explain, in simple terms, your baby’s chance to develop each trait and condition based on his or her genetics.

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Results are based on the latest peer-reviewed scientific research, vetted by our team of medical doctors and genetic experts.